I have always been a homebody, especially once I started having children. I left my career as an RN so I could spend more time watching my girls run around the house and jump on the couch together, singing their the latest Disney song. It melted my heart and freezing those silly moments in time were my favorite. I often look back on those photos and see how much they have grown on that couch. Their jumps got higher, laughs louder, and now they sit down whenever they want to snuggle the baby. 

It's that kind of story telling that I desire for the families I interact with. I want to create a tangible way to look back and see the growth. The sleepless nights, the loose tooth, the crazy hair cut, all of it. To capture life as it is in a raw and effortless way, unrehearsed and absolutely beautiful.

I want you to feel at home no matter what setting you are in.

a fine art photographer who turned her passion for being a mom into a passion for empowering the moms around her

A FEW fun facts...

01/ i am a girl mom of 3 
02/ i quote 'friends' daily
03/ i am a former rn
04/ i have a heart for education

Documenting the pure, the lived-in, the unrehearsed.

“My boys are crazy and they don’t want to stand still for photos so I never get their smiles and giggles which is what our days are filled with, but you were able to capture them so true and perfectly”

these photos show my family as true as I have ever seen us.

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My in-home family photo sessions are focused on kid-centered activities to engage your child(ren), help them relax and play, and to bring out their true personalities. I love that this approach also allows for us to document seemingly ordinary family routines that are actually so significant and will someday feel nostalgic to look back on. Think blanket forts, baking in the kitchen, bubble baths, taking family walks around the neighborhood—these are the everyday moments you'll look back on with love and longing years from now.

Much like your life now does, our session together will revolve around your kid(s).

I am honored to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with other photographers locally and afar via in-person styled shoot and digital mentoring sessions, which you can learn more about here

I am also so thrilled to be a contributor for the 'Fine Art Family Photography Collab' — a collection of 11 educational resources thoughtfully put together by 10 different professional photographers. My contribution is an editing guide called, “The Fine Art Approach to Editing.” 

I have a heart for education and it feels so good to share my world of family photography with other aspiring artists!

I'm also a proud educator for other photographers.

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