Capturing Magic at Home

August 25, 2023

I’ve come to cherish the beauty of in-home sessions with families, especially those with adorable littles. There’s something truly magical about capturing those candid, intimate moments within the comfort of your own home. Whether you are preparing for a maternity session, a newborn session or session that showcases your growing family of littles – magic is sure to be captured at your “Lived-In” session.

As parents, we all know how quickly time flies, especially when you have young children. One moment they’re tiny bundles of joy in our arms, and the next, they’re exploring the world around them, growing up before our eyes. That’s why I’m so passionate about in-home sessions. They offer a unique and heartwarming way to freeze those fleeting moments in time, preserving the essence of your family’s love and connection for generations to come.

Capturing the magic at home with "Lived-In" Sessions.

What are the benefits of opting for a LRP “Lived-In” session?

1. Natural and Relaxed Setting:

Your home is your sanctuary, the place where your family shares laughter, love, and everyday moments. “Lived-In” sessions allow your family to feel comfortable and at ease, resulting in authentic and natural expressions. Kids, especially the little ones, tend to be more relaxed in their familiar environment, making it easier to capture their true personalities.

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2. Personal Touch and Memories:

The walls of your home are already adorned with beautiful memories captured in photographs. Adding new, heartfelt images of your family will further enhance the personal touch of your living space. These photos tell the unique story of your family and the love you share, making your house feel even more like a home.

3. Less Stress and Hassle:

As a mom, I know how chaotic it can be to get everyone dressed and ready for an outdoor photo shoot. The struggle to keep kids still and engaged while dealing with unpredictable weather can be overwhelming. In-home sessions eliminate all of these worries, allowing everyone to be more relaxed and making the whole experience enjoyable for both the parents and kiddos.

4. Cherishing Familiar Spaces:

In-home sessions provide an opportunity to showcase the special corners of your home – like the cozy reading nook, the charming nursery, or the kitchen where you bake together. These familiar spaces hold beautiful memories and add a sentimental value to the photographs, making them even more meaningful!

5. Incorporating Hobbies and Interests:

Does your family love playing board games, baking, or gardening together? “Lived-In” sessions offer the chance to incorporate these beloved activities into the shoot, creating joyful and candid moments that reflect your family’s passions and interests.

6. Toddler and Baby-Friendly:

If you have little ones, you know how quickly their moods can change. In-home sessions provide the flexibility to work around their nap schedules, ensure comfort, and even capture those adorable nap-time moments or messy play times without any stress.

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7. Timeless and Unique:

In-home photos have a timeless quality that will stand the test of time. The candid interactions, the loving glances, and the playful giggles are all treasures that you’ll love forever. These images are not just pictures; they are tangible memories of your family’s journey in a cherished space.

So, whether you’re a new parent looking to capture your baby’s first smiles or a seasoned mom watching your kids grow up way too fast, consider the magic of a “Lived-In” session. It’s an opportunity to celebrate your family’s unique story, captured in the warmth and love of your own home.

Let’s create timeless and heartwarming memories that will bring a smile to your faces every time you walk past those photographs hanging on your walls. Let’s capture the joy of “Lived-In” Sessions together.

Lindsay Reed is a Nashville Newborn Photographer who specializes in in-home sessions.

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